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merlinmonster's Journal

30 September
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Umm okay 25 things you should know about me:

1.My real name is Olivia but no one really calls me that. Everyone calls me Livi or Stiles, They call me Stiles because I am more than a little obsessed with a show called 'Whose Line Is It Anyway?' and one of the main comedians on it is called Ryan Stiles. Also I sometimes make people laugh. Sometimes.

2.My favourite TV shows are: Whose Line natch, Merlin, Glee, Greenwing, Spaced, Black Books, Scrubs, Life on Mars, Doctor Who, Misfits, Mock The Week, Nevermind The Buzzcocks, Live At The Apollo, Would I Lie To You, Russell Howards Good News etc Despite how it may seem I don’t actually watch that much T V on TV I generally watch stuff online just as background noise while I’m working but I do own lots of TV DVDs.

3.Favourite Music: Bowling For Soup, Sunrise Avenue, Queen, Kaiser Chiefs, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Reel Big Fish, JET, Take That, ABBA, Moody Blues, Supertramp, 10CC, Fairport Convention. I really like all genres of music except heavy metal and I probably wouldn’t be able to live long without my ipod.

4.I’m generally a very happy-go-lucky and optimistic person and I hate confrontation. In arguments my main retort is ‘Your face is...’ and then repeat whatever they just said. Yeah I suck at good comebacks.

5.I am extremely accident prone and I’ve broken my arm 5 times. I also generally have plenty of bumps and scrapes from just general accidents. For example today I walked into a glass door. I also apologised to the door but that’s a different matter.

6.I not only talk to myself, I frequently get into arguments with myself and then won’t talk to myself for the rest of the day.

7.I’m a bit of an animal lover. At home we have two dogs, a parrot, three chickens, a rabbit and a hive full of honey bees. My next campaign is a goat because they are just totally adorable. Or a pig. Hmm...

8.I love to read and write so fanfiction offers a good creative outlet. I love all genres of book particularly murder mysteries and fantasies. My favourite author is Terry Pratchett. I just adore the Discworld Novels.

9.I work in a bakery selling gingerbread men to kids. Wow that sounded a bit paedoish didn’t it? I sell them to adults too but you know it’s mainly kids that want gingerbread men. And we sell a lot of gingerbread men. Moving on...

10.When people call me a freak I don’t generally realise they are insulting me and say ‘Yeah? What was your first clue?’ And then laugh hysterically.

11.I always laugh at my own jokes. It’s really bad when no one else gets it and just stares at me like I’m a crazy person which I quite probably am.

12.I really want to be a ninja. Or a pirate. Or a superhero. In fact me and my friend formed a crime fighting duo. I know what you’re thinking: She has friends?

13. I am going to university in September to study ancient history because I have an unnatural obsession with the ancient Greeks and Romans. Come on they were totally badass. And I’m learning Latin.

14.I really love bright colours. My room is painted orange and red. Red is my favourite colour. I wear it almost every day. I also love turquoise. It’s a real shame my two favourite colours don’t go together at all.

15.I’m a bit of a closet gamer. I totally think Merlin should be made into a video game but maybe that’s just me.

16.I’ve taken my driving test three times and I failed every time for not being able to reverse properly, I just go all over the place.

17.I speak English and I did an AS level in Spanish and a GCSE in French and German. As mentioned above I am now learning Latin. I can also speak a small sprinkling of Italian because I spent two months there last summer on a charity scheme.

18.I adore marmite and cucumber sandwiches.

19.I have a brother who is five years older than me and we got on really well. I also have about five cousins that I’ve never met because they live in Australia and neither me or my mum fly well at all. There is no way we are spending 24 hours on a plane.

20.I don’t have facebook, myspace, twitter, msn, skype etc. I’m also fairly bad at answering my phone. My friends are very patient people.

21.I am a youtube whore. I could spend the whole day on there without realising. Mainly watching repeats of my favourite shows to be honest.

22.I spend most of my money on DVDs and going to watch comedy gigs. I have seen Michael McIntyre live three times and I want to see him again because he is so amazing. I’ve also seen Dara O’Brien, Andrew Lawrence, Jo Brand, Russell Howard and Ed Byrne. Other comedians I love are Ryan Stiles, Colin Mochrie, Rhod Gilbert, David Mitchell, Milton Jones, Bill Bailey, Dylan Moran, Steven Fry, Jo Caulfield, Chris Addison, John Oliver. I could go on. I really love comedy. I really want to go to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. It’s like my goal in life.

23.I still have all my old cartoons on video and I watch them sometimes.

24.I still love, play and watch Pokemon. Don’t judge.

25.I pretty much hate sports of all kinds although I love to swim and walk. I often go on hikes with some mates and we camp out somewhere.

Well done if you got to the end of this lol I hope you now feel like you know a little more about me.